The Patriot
Steakhouse & Tavern
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The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern
Lebanon, Ohio

To our friends and fans,

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has joined us over the past 4+ years here at The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern. It has been our pleasure to serve our community and to get to know so many people who live here. We appreciate the support we have received and we are very thankful for those in the crowd who visit us multiple times each week and month. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where it has become impossible to continue under our current circumstances. We did all that we could think of to avoid this decision but there comes a time when certain decisions are unavoidable.

Along the way we’ve had a few conversations with people who know a little about the behind the scenes stuff of a business such as this. Those who can take a look at a room and, combined with their knowledge of business expenses would ask, “Why are you still doing this”? The answer is simple, we got up every day and tried to make today better than yesterday. While it’s safe to say that our sales have consistently improved, they have not been sufficient to overcome the hurdles we’ve tried to clear. We are thankful for the recognition we received along the way. When you serve food it is always a joy to be named ‘Best of’ anything. Receiving acknowledgment in Warren County as well as Cincinnati was extremely gratifying.

Closing a business is never a decision that’s fun to make. We opened our first location in 2002 and we have developed some very good friends over the years as a result of our menu and the environment in which we choose to serve it. The restaurant industry can be a real love/hate relationship and quite simply, it’s the satisfaction people enjoy while dining with us that makes it all worthwhile. Financially however, the industry is brutal. The cost of EVERYTHING is at ridiculous levels right now. Over the past two years, there have been numerous headline stories about how this, or that, product has achieved an ‘all time’ record cost. We have reached a point where it just can’t be managed any further.

Thank you again to everyone who found our place to be the place they wanted to be when they wanted to dine out.

"Best Dish" in Warren County for Steak


"Best Entrée"
Taste of Miami Valley
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

"Best Steak"
in Cincinnati
55Wkrc Radio

"Best Burger" in Warren County


"Best BBQ"
in Cincinnati
55Wkrc Radio

2nd Place
"Best Fine Dining" in Warren County


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